Make a #Mommitment to End Mom Shaming

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Make a #Mommitment to End Mom Shaming

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Started by Julie Maida

I'm sure mom-shaming and judgment has been happening on some level since forever ago, but it seems to be getting way worse thanks to the Internet.

I'm asking YOU to join me in taking action to put an end to them. Why are we judging each other so harshly? Who really wins in that scenario?

Our kids are watching us. Is it really so shocking that bullying has turned into some sort of fad?

Don't we all just want the freedom and support to be the best moms we can be? Aren't we all just doing the best we can, with the tools we have, to provide for our kids the best ways we know how? Wouldn't it be great to know that other moms have our back when we struggle?

Are we really so upset with each other just because we love our children differently? Are we willing to continue to allow these differences to segregate us when they could be connecting us and making us stronger, happier moms?

I'm not.

We never really know what another woman is dealing or struggling with, and how our words or judgment might affect her. We're all in this together.

Being a mom can be really scary and motherhood can feel isolating at times, without the feeling that we're screwing it up royally. Can we all try to remember just how terrifying it can be when we see another mom struggling?

I vote YES.

I'm making a #Mommitment (a commitment to moms) to do my part by trying to show compassion and understanding to other moms instead of judgment.

I hope you will join me by signing this petition and committing to yourself and other mothers to show kindness and compassion instead of name calling, judging, and mean-girling.

Let's each make this promise to each other and snuff out the anger behind mom v. mom one signature at a time. Who's with me, for real?

Come join over hundreds of incredible moms in our 100% judgment/shame-free SUPPORT group on Facebook!!

Social media doesn't have to be all about the yuck. Come see!


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This petition had 942 supporters

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