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For unity in Momentum

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We are among the many thousands who have twice campaigned to elect Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of our Labour Party; we have been energised and excited by the new hope this movement has brought to politics.   

Momentum has played a key role in these achievements and has brought a breath of fresh air to socialism in the 21st century.   

Faced with an historical opportunity for radical ideas after years of reversals, we are saddened by the events that have occurred at the recent meeting of the National Committee of Momentum.  

This is a time for us all to work together, especially when we have groups within the Labour Party still working to undermine Jeremy's leadership and to take over local constituencies and the Labour conference. 

We need now to concentrate on building popular support for our political ideas and the Labour Party.

We appeal to all those in leading positions in Momentum to act in a manner that fosters unity and solidarity in Momentum.   

We call for an end to attacks on social media, radio and press and TV which are damaging Momentum and assisting our adversaries.  

We consider Momentum a dynamic plurality of ideas that demands respect for each other in the spirit of the New Politics.  There must be no space for either outdated sectarian methods or bureaucratic practices in Momentum.  Our new politics is a challenge not only to the ways of the established right but the failed aspects of the traditional left. 

Momentum can constructively create new forms of participatory democracy which integrate the best of traditional methods such as delegates alongside news forms of digital democracy.  We believe the manner that digital and delegate democracy is being counterposed is unnecessary.

We call upon the delegates to the National Committee to put past disagreements behind them and secure a consensus which combines both methods of working to complement one another and thus strengthen opportunities for democratic engagement. 

How we organise ourselves cannot be imposed but can only be achieved by respect and agreement.  Not by advocates of one form seeking to impose their views or conquer those with other opinions.  

By securing a consensus on a way forward on this issue we believe members of the National Committee can exemplify how our new politics can work successfully.

Overall we believe Momentum must mobilise to turn the fire on the Tories and challenge those who wish to take the Labour Party backwards.  All our discussions on democracy and structure should be as an answer to the question how we organise to meet these objectives.

Let's now unite in a spirit of mutual respect and co-operation and focus on our work on the ground campaigning to protect our community from continuing austerity and to secure the election of a Labour Government to transform our society.

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