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Better Kizingo Neighbourhood

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6th June 2017

Department of Transport & Infrastructure, Mombasa
Mombasa County Inspectorate, NTSA Kenya

To whom it may concern,

We the residents of Kizingo, have become increasingly on edge for a number of reasons that need to be addressed urgently. These are highlighted below. Numerous phone calls and messages to the County Government, Department of Infrastructure, and the NTSA have gone unheeded with temporary corrective measures in place – which barely last 24 hours.


  1. The number of potholes, especially on roads west of Umme Kulthum Mosque, and north of the defunct Imperial Bank, are staggering. Not only have some potholes increased in size during the past 18 months or more, but they are approaching an impassable limit, especially on Mbuyuni Road, Oceanic Road, Umme Kulthum Road, and Mwamba Avenues.
  • During heavy downpours, some of these potholes will flood, thus in turn damaging our vehicles (wheels/axles, etc) due to unseen holes.


  1. Matatus and PSVs are now plying the inner roads, especially during traffic jams, however, we feel that the Traffic Police and/or the County Government Askaris are not managing the traffic jams well enough to warrant the PSV’s abusing these roads. Despite numerous requests by residents in the past year, no concrete actions have taken place. Please note:

a. The matatus plying Oceanic and Mbuyuni Roads in the morning between 6am-8am are not only a hazard to the residents, but a danger in general and much too noisy to allow these PSVs to take this route. This is because the jam at the Likoni Roundabout is not addressed well, and there is no preventative or corrective measure to curb this menace. 9 months ago, a girl was almost knocked over on the T0Junction of Mbuyuni Road and the road which houses YMCA. Any accident that could entail with such careless and unwarranted invitations by the PSVs will rest squarely on the County Government, the NTSA, as well as the Department of Infrastructure.

b. Should you need any assistance in this regard, we have suggestions that can ease the traffic flow and leave the PSVs using their designated roads and routes such as:

  • Allow matatus to form one line on Nyerere Avenue, with a well arranged waiting arrangement at the staging area and the roundabout
  • Prevent the PSVs from the unnecessary honking early in the morning which starts as early as 4.45-5.00am, disturbing the peace and quiet for many residents in the area, especially the hundreds of citizens living at Likoni Towers.
  • In progressive countries, some roads are turned into one-way roads – which we have tried within the county without much success. At the railway this may seem to work well and the same concept can be applied on Nyerere in the mornings. The south bound lane can be divided into 2 between 6am-8am, with one heading north, and one lane heading south up until the Triton petrol station.
  • No entry signs for PSVs to be placed on Oceanic Road, Kaunda Avenue, Vanga Road, and Dedan Kimathi Avenue entry points from Nyerere Road

2. The Likoni roundabout during evening hours between 5pm-8pm has become increasingly messy and congested. It is understandable that the volume of cars and pedestrian have increased, but the number of fruit vendors have also risen in demand. Not only do they leave the streets very dirty between 5pm-10pm, after which it is cleaned – but it leaves an unsightly mess for a few hours that is not a pleasant view or experience for visitors to Mombasa, let alone residents.

a. In regards to this issue, the congestion is also noticeably higher during the presence of PSV’s. A complete lack of orderly traffic and flow is the main cause of the problem for which the blame rests entirely on the police/government task force. The staging area should be the primary location for passengers to be picked up and dropped off, but now, the roundabaout has become a haven for PSVs, especially matatus and tuktuks, thus causing a terrible and lengthy delay for citizens. On one side, we face the matatus, on the other, impassable roads. This cannot continue.

3. Bodabodas have taken up the entry way on the road leading from the roundabout to the Aga Khan Academy junction. They force vehicles to use a single lane in both directions, causing inconvenience and time wastage. Bodabodas must not use Oceanic Road as a staging point.

4. The same entry point is almost always blocked by matatus in the evening. Numerous requests to the officers on the ground have yielded no results and laws are only temporarily enforced.


  1. While several street lights are normally turned on at night, for which we are grateful, other inner streets and roads do not have this facility – some of which have not functioned for well over a year. Some entire roads may only have 1 light turned on, while others have missing bulbs, or non-functioning individual lamps. For the safety and security of Kizingo residents, this must be addressed in the shortest amount of time possible.

As citizens of this county, we feel the need and necessity to officially address these issues so that they can be sorted in the least amount of time possible. We look forward to securing a peaceful, quiet and well maintained neighborhood for all concerned, especially our children and elderly who are the most affected.

Residents of Kizingo

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