MolsonCoors Beverage Company Hero Pay For Employees

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For approximately 2 months MolsonCoors Beverage Company has been providing "Hero Pay" to its essential workers.  These are the same employees that have been putting in large amounts of hours to ensure that the Company is successful in getting its product out to market.  While all employees are grateful for this supplement (hourly or salaried), the Company recently announced that they would be discontinuing this program effective 5/31/2020.

These "essential employees" are still coming to work to provide for their families while putting themselves and their households at risk.  MolsonCoors has offered other programs to those who are designated "high risk" providing them with compensation so they do not have to report to work.  Those programs have been extended.

But those frontline employees who ensure that the product is produced on time to quality specification while servicing our network of distributors are not being appreciated anymore.

Since the acquisition and merger to MolsonCoors the philosophy has been "people first".  It seems that this people first philosphy has been overlooked by not rewarding the employees who are still participating in the daily exercises of the corporation.

We ask the Board of Directors to revisit its decision made on 5/15/2020 and extend this program for those frontline workers who continue to ensure our fine products are produced and distributed during this pandemic.