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Petitioning Prop. 38 Campaign Molly Munger

Stop the Munger Games attacks on California's students

Billionaire Munger family siblings Molly and Charles have embarked on a destructive campaign against Prop. 30, which California's education leaders say "could cause irreparable harm to our students and schools." Join my call to Stop the Munger Games.

Letter to
Prop. 38 Campaign Molly Munger
Dear Ms. Munger,

California's education leaders say your Munger Games "could cause irreparable harm to our students and schools... In the end, the Munger family could be known as the millionaires who destroyed California’s schools and universities."

California's students deserve better than a $6 billion cut that will mean three weeks less school and college tuition spikes this year.

Stop the Munger Games. Pass Prop. 30. Invest in our future.