Fair Entry for Rural Students to Monash University School of Rural Health Medicine Program

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Despite a shortage of rural doctors in Gippsland, aspiring medical students that adore the region and wish to study, live and work there are prevented from doing so by a nonsensical policy made by Monash University regarding entry to their Medical Degree. 

Federation University graduates from Gippsland are currently forced to move across the state or even interstate due to a Monash University policy that prevents their entry to the Monash University medicine program. The irony of the situation is that this program is delivered in Churchill at the Monash School of rural health, in the very same location as these students have completed their undergraduate degree.
Recently, the national Budget allocated $95 million towards the new Murray Darling Medical school network. This school aims to train rural doctors without students needing to leave their region.
However, Monash School of Rural Health had the ability to do just this: if only they would change their ridiculous and somewhat discriminatory policy.
Monash school of rural health is located in Churchill, sharing buildings with Federation University who delivers a Biomedical Science degree that meets criteria for entry to all Australian Medical Schools except the Monash School of Rural Health. Monash will only accept students who have graduated from their own Biomedicine degree. Monash have been approached and asked for a rationale behind this decision, to which they have offered none. It seems reasonable, therefore, to conclude that Monash University maintains this policy for financial gain; ensuring increased popularity for their own Biomedicine program.
This Monash University policy means that Gippsland students wishing to study postgraduate medicine must move (or commute an exorbitant distance through traffic or on subpar public transport) to Monash's Clayton campus for 3 years to complete their Biomedical Science degree, before they can move back to Gippsland and study Medicine at Churchill (with placement opportunities throughout Gippsland). Otherwise, students can study biomedical science at Federation University Churchill before moving across the state or interstate to complete their medical degree.
This Monash University policy is harming not only the students but the patients of Gippsland. Please help us change this policy by signing and sharing this petition if you would like to see doctors that are trained in and STAY IN GIPPSLAND.