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Bring Zac Home!

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In 2017 I got a severe infection in both of my legs due to lymphedema and cellulitis. I was in and out of the hospital and because of this my son was put into foster care. On September 28th 2017 I was released from the hospital for good with a clean bill of health in writing. I spoke to the case worker who was in charge of my son being in foster care and she said on Dec. 18th I should go to court and if I had gotten a nice home in Kentucky I would be getting Zachary back. She told me her goal was to get him back home with me. When I got to court on Dec 18th she told me she changed her mind and that since Zac was almost 18 she was going to ask the court to keep him as a minor in the system until he turns 21 and to keep him with his foster family. I asked why and she said because I could get sick again.

Anyone can get. In all of the 42 years of my life I have only had this situation 1 time and yet it is being held against me. I have only gotten to see my son 1 time for an hour and a half since June 21, 2017. He is my best friend. He is my life. Everything I do, I do for him. He has a health condition called Tuberous Sclerosis, he has Epilepsy, and he is Autistic. He has lived his entire life with just me and I have taken great care of him, and now he has been stolen from me. In court the judge asked Keisha Conley, the case worker from the Lexington KY cabinet for families and children if Zac had expressed he wanted to live with me and she said yes but all kids say that he is fine in foster care and the judge agreed. I asked why he won’t be allowed to come home to me and once again I was told because I got sick. How is this fair? I don’t drink or do drugs. I am educated. I have a nice home with a great room for zac. Zac is also mentally 5 years old and I have his room full of all his favorite toys. All I did is get sick. I never hit him. I never starved him. I never got drunk or shot up around him. There are such bad parents out there who are allowed to parent and here I am...A other who loves her son so much. Who has moved from state to state just to get him the best neurologists I could find. This boy is my heart. The cabinet for families and children stole my heart…because I got sick. The fact that I am healthy now? No one cares. I am being punished because I got sick. I just want my son home with me where he belongs. Give me son!

I am starting a petition to bring my son home and a Youtube channel and website. I want the world to know what Keisha Conely and the Lexington, KY Cabinet for Families and Children is doing to me. I want the world to see how corrupt this system is. The state literally stole my child from me, and I want justice!

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