Tell Molina Heathcare To Pay For Critical Spine Testing To Save My Ability To Walk!

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I was a fully active, productive member of society living the American dream. Owning and running my own successful business for nearly 12 years until 2007 when it all went horribly, horribly wrong.

At a job site for a client, severe structural deficiencies of the building caused a part of the building I was working on to collapse, on me, knocking me unconscious and leaving me severely injured with multiple fractured spinal discs, injuries to my neck, hands, arms and a concussion. As well as an impaled back, leaving me with permanent physical and mental impairments.

I was unfortunately again injured in an accident in 2012 when I was hit by a texting driver at 40 mph. I spent my entire life savings and nearly lost everything paying medical bills and costs not covered by my insurance or by the severely underinsured client or driver.

Molina Healthcare of Utah has been my primary insurance for treatment before and since the accidents. I have already had 7 surgeries to my hands, arms and fingers to restore some mobility and coordinated use. And I expect to have at least 5 more surgeries, including a spinal fusion and a neck fusion. Molina of Utah has continuously not only denied covering the crucial pain medication I need just to semi function as a human being (such things as simple as walking myself to the bathroom), but they have denied crucial scans of my spine and neck needed to move forward with surgery options for over 3 years now. 3 years of continued degradation, worsening injuries and a total collapse of my mobility and function in everyday life. Injuries that could have been slowed or even possibly prevented had I had the proper scans and tests in time. 

Multiple doctors, surgeons and MDs have all concluded these scans are not only crucial to moving forward with surgery, but crucial to my injuries not continuing to get substantially worse, as they already have now. My doctors have appealed Molina's denials in writing, on my behalf no less than a dozen times in total. We have completed every single thing Molina asked of us at each denial and yet Molina continues to deny me these absolutely life vital scans and tests. 

I have lost total feeling in my arms, hands, shoulders and I am now losing all feeling in my left leg and have to walk with a cane at 39 years old because Molina won't cover these tests. I have exhausted my entire life savings to get to this point and have become so depressed, I have contemplated suicide multiple times now.

I am asking, in fact begging you, to please sign my petition and demand with me that Molina act with grace, humanity and ethically: "STOP DENYING AUTHORIZATION AND PAYMENT FOR MY MEDICALLY NECESSARY SCANS, TESTS AND MEDICATIONS”. 


I am living with the results of two accidents caused by other people's negligence. And I am just trying to survive without losing all mobility before my 40th birthday. 

Thank you, 


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