Return ZexyZek's rights to continue his Minecraft trolling series.

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On February 27th 2014, Zexyzek, a popular channel with 720,000 subscribers has announced that Mojang demanded ZexyZek to discontinue his trolling series after he uploaded his 85th trolling video, even though he would fix all virtural damages and giving them rare Minecraft entities (diamonds) as a gift.

The hilarious trolling series has become a primary source for the reason of his extreme popularity and the high amount of subsribers. The announcement has started an international outrage, and demands Mojang to return ZexyZek's rights to continue his series.

According to Mojang's terms of use (Link below), on the content section, it reads that 'trolling and griefing' is a violation to it's content rules.The trolling series has been proven not to be technically a 'troll' nor 'griefing', since all the damages has been repaired and additionally the op-status of ZexyZek has been approved by the Owner of the server (additionally the support of most 'trolled' players to upload the video).

Though ZexyZek discourages a petition, it would be likely that ZexyZek's channel would experience a dramatic unsubscricption because of the ending of the trolling series., since that is what ZexyZek is popular for. Though Mojang's reason of stopping the series is reasonable, it would be better for Mojang to LIMIT ZexyZek's use of trolling, for example by only allowing ZexyZek to only troll on very limited servers that fully accepts ZexyZek's rights to troll on their own server, or use limited trolling strategies.

Let's hope that Mojang would eventually listen and change ZexyZek's 'punishment' so he can continue his series, but if not, we would still see ZexyZek's series as a normal YouTuber.


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