Remove EULA rules (server vip regulations).

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We would like to make Mojang remove EULA VIP regulation;
Why? Because no one would buy a VIP that only contains aesthetics items... A minecraft server lives because of the packages that users buy, a minecraft server costs very much, costs time and especially money. If you make all the servers follow the eula then 90% of the servers would die and their community together. If you want to keep minecraft a game at least played by a slice of users, you have to do it, otherwise ... minecraft will die. Italy is not yet an established country in the world of minecraft servers, but we are getting there, as long as you do not make the mistake of closing all the servers applying the EULA... It's up to you, to ruin for ever the online experience of minecraft and then permanently kill the game or give us what we want and you will see that you too will be happy. If you think that applying the EULA minecraft would benefit, you are wrong, instead of dedicating yourself to this; why do not you try to create a way to block cracked users?