Minecraft 1.2 Xbox Live Login

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With the new update, Minecraft 1.2, it makes the game universal for all consoles! However one thing that i don't like, is that now you need to login to your Xbox Live account to play on servers.


What if someone doesn't have the opportunity of creating a Xbox Live account? What if they prefer to play on servers with certain usernames? All servers have their own authentication system built into it, and they could change usernames easily before, now it's not as easy as before, plus who is going to make anotber Xbox Live account just to change their username?

I would much prefer if you didn't have to login to Xbox Live to play on servers, that feature of playing on servers should always be free with a game! And not having to create a account to play, many games do that, adding Xbox Live logins make the game much less fun, especially if it's a roleplay server.