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Make Minecraft Bettertogether, Better for Console

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Soon to be released to the Minecraft Better together Update, Is supposed to bring players of most Platforms Together, (hence "Better together")

Minecraft Console edition users will have to use a UI built for a touch screen, no cursor and super choppy, Also console users won't be able to drag Items out of the inventory to drop Multiple stacks of an Item.

We are losing The access to our Co-ordinates on our Maps so you have no idea what Layer youre on.


The Controls are Completely different, which Will cause A lot of confusion, not to Mention the movement is not Smooth at all!


Worst of all, we are losing the EXIT Without saving option.




So I have made a List of ways to fix these issues.

1- Just make a UI specifically made for console users, Make the UI togglable through the settings> UI (Classic Console)

2- Co-ordinates Just add the coords ontop of the Map, simple (If Addons can do it why cant Developers do it?)

3- Make the Default Controls The same as 4jstudios' Minecraft console Controls. Finetune the Movement on sensitivity

4- Just Add an Exit without saving Option


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