Create a female avatar for free use in your games, including Minecraft.

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According to 2014 sales, demographic, and usage data by the Entertainment Software Association, approximately 48% (nearly half) of the U.S. gaming market is made up of girls and women.  Yet, nowhere near 48% of gaming character options (or avatars) are female.

I feel that is it unjust to turn on a game and not be offered a choice in my avatar’s gender (let alone race).  Or, often, if I am eventually given the option to diversify my avatar, it comes at a cost.  Sometimes, this cost is through game-based money or tokens, but other times it comes at an actual expense to my wallet.  I would like the simple opportunity—or at least the option—to play with an avatar that reflects who I am.  At the very least, I would like the option to choose between a male and female avatar at the beginning of the game.  Taking it a step further, I would additionally like the option to choose avatars representing a variety of races/ethnicities.  Too many human avatars are defaulted to represent White males.  Yet, as the statistics indicate, gamers represent a much wider pool of diversity.  I believe that avatars should reflect this user diversity.  Recently, Apple released an update to their devices, creating emojis that reflected greater user diversity.  Mojang could stand to follow this lead.

Given the high percentage of U.S. gamers that are female, it is surprising that the video game “Minecraft” and its producer, Mojang, does not feature a female avatar option.  Instead, it only offers the character of Steve, a male.  Though a majority of Minecraft’s users are male, I believe Minecraft could appeal to more female users if it offered a female avatar for free use in the game.  (My hope is that, if such an avatar were offered, the female alternative to Steve would be appropriately clothed and not necessarily in a dress.)

Please sign this petition if you believe that Mojang, in its future game updates, should offer a female avatar for its games, including Minecraft.

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