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Save the 191 bus route between Slough, Windsor & Bracknell

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I am a monthly bus pass holder with First Group buses, currently travelling predominately between Winkfield and Bracknell on the 191 route, which operates between Bracknell and Slough via Legoland, Windsor. First Buses are proposing the Bracknell depot will shut on Saturday 28th August. The implication of which means that Courtney Buses will be taking on most of the current First routes in and around Bracknell, but sadly there are currently no plans to replace the current 191 route. This is going to have a huge impact not just on myself, but a large amount of people. Where I am currently residing is a mobile home park in Winkfield where there is approximately 350 park homes. Many of the residents there rely on this bus service, even those who have cars but do not wish to pay the exorbitant car parking charges in Windsor.

I have spoken to both First and Courtney, and also White Bus Company which is a local company about this situation, and all I keep hearing is that it is not commercially viable. I understand that companies need to make a profit, however what about peoples’ needs. I have also spoken to a gentleman called Phil Burke from Bracknell Forest Borough Council, who basically repeated the fact that the 191 route in particular is not commercially viable. I use this service up 6 times a week and a minimum of 4, and there is never a time when the bus is empty. So, as if this decision stands, there will be no bus at all between New Road, North Ascot and Legoland, Windsor. For people who live beyond New Road, they can access buses to Bracknell with Courtney, but will be unable to access buses to Windsor.

I have started a petition about this matter, and I have already got a great number of signatures, and I have also created a Facebook page . I found out about this by a very poor announcement poster on the bus. Many people do not read the notices on buses, and feel that First have not treated their passengers fairly, for which I have already logged a complaint. My issue personally with it is that as a monthly bus pass holder, it would have been nice to have had a courtesy email or letter informing us of this decision, before putting a notice on the buses. Following my complaint to First, the following day I received an email and a letter from them. I don’t know if this is a coincidence, but it seems suspicious to me.

Once I have collected as many signatures as I possibly can before Friday 24th July, I will be presenting the petition to Adam Afriyie and Phillip Lee, both of whom are RBWM and BFBC MP’s respectfully, but also Moira Gaw and Susie Phillips of Winkfield and Cranbourne Parish Council, and Natasha Airey and Phillip Bicknell of RBWM local councillors for the Windsor area. I’m not sure if this will do any good at all, but I’m willing to try as this will impact so many people just from where I currently live. I’m not usually one to moan about human rights, but taking away this valuable service will in my opinion infringe peoples’ human right.

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