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In these uncertain times of Covid-19. Ontario has enacted a state of emergency for the rising number of Covid - 19 cases throughout the province. It is unusual that our program is still running in-person classes at college whilst most students are staying safe at home attending virtual programs. While we recognize the importance of in-person learning, we also need to recognize the importance of keeping the most vulnerable healthy and alive. Virtual delivery of our classes will help ensure we are avoiding further spreads and outbreaks of COVID-19 Recreation Therapy at Mohawk has failed to provide another option such as a fully online format for those who feel unsafe about in-person classes, even though we have asked numerous times from our faculty for an online option for those who are in compromised situations and for those who are immunocompromised persons and they have failed to show empathy or compassion in providing adaptations for this course. The faculty's excuse is recreation therapy is an essential service.  Yes,  Recreation Therapy is an essential service in the province but this applies to all RT's that are in the workforce, not students who are in the process of being able to provide RT service. We are in a time where this pandemic is something new to all of our lives, therefore taking the necessary precautions for having an online program seems to be the option where it's safest. We all work and are doing placements with vulnerable populations regarding the spread of Covid-19 therefore we as students and workers need to be extra careful when it comes to protecting our clients and also loved ones. There are also many of us in the program working in settings with active cases therefore we all will end up exposing each other at the college. We've been asked to keep social-circles small but by attending in-person classes being 30 students in a classroom seems very absurd and contradictory from what we have been told by the government to reduce the spread of Covid.-19. Mohawk's Covid protocol is quite risky considering none of us are required to do Covid-19 tests and also temperature checks at entrances therefore creating a larger chance of the spread at the college.

 We are asking those who want the safety and well being of people living in long term care protected and people who support the well being of young future healthcare workers .a fully online format in this program to save and protect lives from the spread of Covid -19 to sign this petition. :-)

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