Petition Closed

This is important since the General Organization of Veterinary Services (or GOVS) will not stop this massacre all over Egypt unless the Animal Welfare Societies set an immediate meeting with the Chairperson of GOVSto discuss feasable solutions.

The GOVS proposes, 4 units to be allotted to the AW ( Animal Welfare)societies who wish to conduct TNR projects or relocate dogs in some areas where the GOVS received most complaints from some citizens. The GOVS states, they have little resources in terms of operations equipments, but they have those facilities, man power, and vets. Unless the AW societies make this step the massacre will continue. I make call to all AW societies, to be one hand in facing this massacre, I call AW societies to forget all the differences between them and unite for stopping the current and future massacre.

We got to protect the animals since they can't protect them. We can try to set up laws to make sure to stop this once and for all. Would you let innocents dogs die for no reason at all?

Letter to
Mohamed Morsi
Dear Mohammed Morsi

In the world 6.2 million dogs die each year because of animal abuse. The topic we are going to be focused on is the massacre in Egypt. About 30% of the dogs that died in the world by animal abuse was in Egypt. In Egypt about 2.6 million dogs die a year.

They should put up a law in Egypt to prevent animal abuse. The law should be if u are catch abusing an animal you would have to pay a fine or, do some time in jail. This law would have a major impact on animal abuse because the rate will decrease. The rate would decrease because nobody wants to pay a fine or do some time in jail.

Animal abuse is unjust. We think that the rate needs to decrease on animal abuse. The only way we think animal abuse can decrease is by putting a law. If you believe this law should occur sign this petition.