Cancel offline exams in Mody University, Lakshmangarh

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A lot of students study in Mody University. A lot of them come from different parts of India and different parts of Rajasthan to study in this university. Some of these areas are still classified as the "red zone". Conducting exams admist this pandemic will put lakhs of lives at risk - there is no guarentee for the safety of students no matter the measures being taken. There will still be possibilties - (that can't be predicted) for the virus to spread. In case exams are conducted, students (mainly hostellers and those who have rented PGs close to the college) have to travel back from their home-towns. Travelling and accomodation create a situation where the virus can infect the students. Are conducting exams more important than the health of students? 

Meanwhile, Maharashtra University, Amity University Rajasthan has done its bit to promote UG students with smart ideas. Even the Top Institutes of the Country: IIT Kanpur followed by IIT Bombay have decided to promote all the students considering their mid marks.

In view of the present unfavourable circumstances arising due to the Pandemic COVID-19 and the number of cases on a rise, the students of Mody University of Science and Technology, Laxmangarh have the following points to put forward with regard to a few decisions taken by our college:
1) As we're expecting a peak rise in Corona cases in the coming months it is extremely unsafe for us to step out of our houses.

2) Tentative dates for our offline exams as decided by our college is July 2020. Since, Mody University inhabits girls that come from different states and most of them are from Delhi, it may increase the chances of infection as a lot of people will be travelling via public transport. Also, Sikar is already under the red zone.

3)Promote student of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years to the next year. In the case of final year students, declare them with a degree. This promotion should be done based on the internal assessment marks or previous semester marks. This protocol is efficient, feasible and practical.

4)Mody University should conduct a survey on the sudents to find out their difficulties (and also their suggestions) in writing the exams. Based on this, fair decisions should be taken. The survey can be taken with the help of google forms.

As mentioned before, such a situation has induced mental stress in several students. Again and again, we humbly request our University to promote all years ( including Final Years) based on their internal performance or past semester results. And Mody University should follow the UGC guidelines. Is it necessary to conduct exams for mentally affected students ( who are uncertain of their future) in such a pandemic? We hope that the University heeds to our plea and makes the right decision. Thank You.

We urge you to sign the petition because it is regarding our safety and well-being.
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