Sues America and China

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On behalf of humanity, we of the modular arithmatic constant study (MAC) petition stirred the consciousness of human and national states to participate, jointly suing the united state of America (USA) and the republic of Chinese society (China) on the basis:

1. Acts of humanitarian crime resulted in the death of 300.000 lives and exposure to about 4.4 million cases caused by corona virus 2019 (covid-19).

2. Calling USA and China to blame for accusing each other of crimes that made and disseminated covid-19.

3. The propagation of covid-19 has created fear, creating global economic, national and regional crises, destroying the social order of politics, education and culture, which leads to the decline of human civilization.

4. Forming independent teams and experts in various countries affected by covid-19 to jointly investigate the perpetrators, creator and carrier covid-19 virus.

5. To bring together the international support of this petition aimed at ending the human suffering and saving human species from total destruction.

So we make this petition on behalf of humanity