The citizens of #speculation reclaim their beloved PAMP emoji

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After all those weeks of a never ending dump we finally demand back our PAMP emoji! As everyone has noticed over the last weeks, it is not possible for IOTA to significantly gain in value(The recent increase does not count). The main reason for this is the ongoing oppression and ban of the beloved PAMP emoji by the #speculation mods a couple of weeks ago.

The #speculation community has no other choice than to demand their voice the be heard. A few people should not be able to oppress the IOTA woon. Especially due to the incoming Qubic announcement we can not and will not longer stay silent but speak up to get ready for an insane PAMP. This pamp emoji is a symbol of faith and hope in the glorious future of IOTA. If you are a true hodler you need to stand up for your rights and support this movement!





---at least as long as the Q pamp continues---