Modified Mufflers are a Health and Safety Issue

Modified Mufflers are a Health and Safety Issue

July 10, 2022
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Doug Ford (Premier Ontario) and 7 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by TJ Machado

Loud vehicular noise from modified mufflers is destroying the quality of life for people who live near major roadways like the Don Valley Parkway. Excessive noise causes stress, sleep deprivation, and higher amounts of harmful emissions.

Local police services are unable to prevent the problem and we need the province to step in with simple measures to make the ownership and operation of these vehicles inconvenient:

  1. Declare it illegal for automotive garages to do any repair on errant vehicles - unless the owner agrees to first revert the muffler to the manufacturer's original specification.
  2. Make insured drivers check a waiver in the policy that clearly states an illegal modification renders the vehicle uninsurable.
  3. Any other tools available in the provincial mandate that has the same desired effect.
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Signatures: 78Next Goal: 100
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Decision Makers

  • Doug FordPremier Ontario
  • Vincent KeMPP, North York
  • Caroline MulroneyMinister of Transportation
  • Peter TabunsMPP, Toronto—Danforth
  • Jill AndrewMPP, Toronto—St. Paul's