Reduce the fees for online classes

Reduce the fees for online classes

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Vemula Chandrahaas started this petition to Modi

Respected authorities,


The nation has gone into a total state of panic and emotional and financial breakdown. We, the students of VIT are facing certain issues and we would like to communicate them to you. We humbly request you to consider our requests and take actions accordingly.


The Fees paid by a student comprises of a lot of factors, here is a list of few:

• Lab equipment like Desktops, Tools used in experiments of subjects like Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.

• College Library

• Electricity

• Maintenance of the College Infrastructure, etc.


It is very clear that during this Online Semester, we as students of the college haven’t used or experienced these facilities in our duration here, and Freshers haven’t even seen the Campus Gates.


Also, during this pandemic time, people are facing cuts in their salaries, some are losing jobs, people suffering from covid are facing financial troubles in order to meet the medical expenses to keep them alive. Families in our country are facing this problem, and these families include the families of students at VIT. Many of them are uncertain whether they will be able to continue in the college as banks are becoming very rigid to provide loans in this time of economical collapse, and others too have to make huge sacrifices in order to continue their education in VIT. So, charging for something, which we haven’t used at all, at this time of crisis, doesn’t seem reasonable.


We understand that this is difficult for the college and professors too, to keep the academic session going and teach through this online platform which is not at all comparable to one-on-one teaching.

But it is quite obvious that the efforts and capital that goes in teaching online is not at all comparable to offline teaching.


So, we as students request to the management to give 40% - 50% concession in the Fees paid, since online teaching cannot give complete experience of learning and we all feel that full fee being charged doesn’t seem reasonable. Please look into this matter as it is becoming very difficult for families facing financial troubles due to the pandemic.


One last request, respected authorities, kindly do acknowledge and communicate back to us whatever your final decision is. We as students request, but also at the same time, demand and deserve a response to the concerns raised above.




Yours Sincerely,



0 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
At 50 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!