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To be awarded Honor Chords at Graduation for our contributions to the Scientific Community

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We, the Forensic Biotechnology Academy, would like to formally petition to receive a chord of recognition for graduation. We find our department to be highly deserving of such an honor for many reasons. For the past four years, we have all stood side by side whilst making great strides towards our futures; exceeding standards and defying any opposing odds. It has been through our hard work and dedication within the academy that we have gained international recognition. This year alone, we have been visited by a member of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust along with being recognized in a film made by Hitachi. Our passion for what we do flourishes in and out of the classroom as we travel to local schools, fairs, and theaters to spread science education to our youth. The Forensic Biotechnology Academy STEM education attracts a host of guest speakers which include MPD, Graduate Students (Former Biotech Students), Fire Investigations, Professors with PHD’s, and BioRad just to name a few. This year, the senior class has paired with Duarte Farms to conduct an extensive study on an agricultural epidemic that our generation will face. 90 % of the students of the Academy continue on to attend a 4 year college/ university upon completion of high school, and have a 100% graduation rate. The class average within FB4 is a 90% or higher, and the skills we have been taught exceed Enochs. The nature of the labs conducted within our class are usually that of advanced material mainly found only at collegiate levels; giving us a direct advantage over our peers. Needless to say, our students can confidently walk into a college lab; having had time and experience perfecting their techniques and skills in conducting tasks with a deeper knowledge and understanding.

With the date of our eventual graduation nearing, we are forced to look back on our achievements over the last four years. Such memories invoke feelings of immense pride in the success and recognition our efforts have gained. Therefore, when the time comes to walk across the stage to accept our diplomas and take our first steps as high school graduates, we would like to enter into our college career with a symbol of our past efforts strung across our shoulders as a shining motivation to encourage future success in our endeavors. We implore you to grant us this gift, this symbol, this motivation-this cord, as a final gesture to honor our years of diligence and sacrifice towards the scientific community.

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