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Petitioning Executive Director, Modern Language Association Rosemary G. Feal and 3 others

Modern Language Association: Improve your standards to incorporate Environment-Friendly practices

Climate Change is a growing issue and it's NOT a hoax. CO2 is increasing at a growing rate and deforestation just makes things worse. Yet the Modern Language Association, an organization that creates writing standards used by schools, academic departments, and instructors, is not considering the environmental harm its standards are causing. Just a couple insignificant rules more than doubles the pages needed to print an essay. It is time the MLA updates its standards and promotes paper conservation.

Letter to
Executive Director, Modern Language Association Rosemary G. Feal
First Vice-President, Modern Language Association Margaret W. Ferguson
Second Vice-President, Modern Language Association Roland Greene
and 1 other
President, Modern Language Association Marianne Hirsch
As you probably know, deforestation is a growing issue, and it is contributing to Climate Change. I'm emailing you in regard to a few MLA standards, ones that I disagree with because they unnecessarily require the consumption of paper. I have listed the rules below:

1) RULE: The page must be double spaced | RESULT: This uses twice as much space as necessary.
2) RULE: A page can not be double sided | RESULT: Twice the number of pages needed are used.
3) RULE: There must be 1 inch margin on all sides | RESULT: A smaller margin could save a lot of space and for longer assignments, can significantly reduce the number of pages.
4) RULE: Works Cited must be on a separate page | RESULT: Often, for shorter works cited pages, an extra page is used and left mostly blank.
5) RULE: All writing must be typed in Times New Roman | RESULT: This font is known to consume much more ink than many other popular fonts like Callibri.

I feel that the MLA should not be contributing to deforestation. With your influence, changing these few negligible standards can make a big difference. Other organizations have already begun to take notice of their impact on the environment. Microsoft has changed their default font in Word to one that consumes less ink. These are the types of actions we should be taking now.

I kindly ask that you reconsider these standards with our environment in mind. This is an urgent issue, and one that is important to me and many across the country and even other countries. Please understand the importance of this letter. Thank you for your time and consideration.