Restore Seraph's Modship at r/gamindustri

Restore Seraph's Modship at r/gamindustri

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Rebecca Walker started this petition to Moderators of the r/gamindustri subreddit and

r/Gamindustri is a subreddit built around the anime series Hyperdimension Neptunia. Seraph was the most active moderator for a considerable period of time and a familiar loved face among members of the subreddit and growing among the Neptunia fandom in general.

r/Gamindustri is a subreddit known for its history of drama coming from actions the mod team takes often not listening to the voices of the community itself despite the fond memories and experiences people have there.

Seraph's reputation quickly grew among the subreddit after he was the first moderator on the site to get an answer for reddits policy regarding "lolis".

I first got to know Seraph when I met him on the Gamindustri Standard Discord server affiliated with that subreddit. This was during the time the subreddit was considering changing its NSFW rules. Seraph always seemed to be among the most upbeat cheery guys out there. He gave me advice and encouragement when I mentioned issues I was having and was always willing to put aside what he was doing in an instant if it meant hearing me out or just having a fun chat.

I eventually moved on to smaller more private communities but the opinions I heard about Seraph were always among the most positive I heard of anyone in the fanbase. That he encouraged people to follow their dreams, helped users in any way he could, commissioning artists got these artists to pursue art as their dream, giving people advice with person issues in their life, helping them with computer problems, and always just a call away.

He was known for new ideas to promote engagement, thought out analysis's of a shallow fanservice series that some people say they learnt life lessons from, and always willing to stick up for users. He quickly became the name I know many users would go to when they had problems on the subreddit and off. He was even made a staff member of the subreddits discord over the summer whos admin was one of his co-mods.

Recently Seraph was demodded and publicly attacked and slandered by the top mod, a man who is publicly known to have no involvement in the subreddit and is self proclaimed "retired" yet still choosing to retain ownership.

While I haven't been able to contact Seraph this slandering post does not seem entirely right. The Seraph we knew would never try and manipulate people but help them however they could. Among other things this isn't the first time the mod team has publicly done this to him. He made a post once asking what the community wants, the next day he stepped down citing toxic harassment he had received from the other mods. A moderator attacked him again and when he showed screenshots to prove he was attacked he was immediately banned sparking days worth of drama.

The head mod at the time admitted some of the other mods attacked Seraph over personal grievances and they were going to be punished for it. Not long after Seraph was readded and now here he was removed again while being both slandered by this top mod but in the comments the same people who were punished for attacking him on the team when they were still on it.

The Story the mod teams painting is very different from the Seraph so many users knew and loved and doesn't fully add up. If he is having issues with depression there are likely outside factors like when it was said he was lashed out at by members of the team before. If that is the case demodding and attacking him like that seems like a horrible thing to do rather than work with and help him.

Seraph touched my life and the life of many people in the fandom with his kindness and eagerness to help. I feel in his time of need its important people help him back. 

I'd like to ask the mod team of r/gamindustri to please consider restoring Seraph to his original position and perhaps try and find means to work with him to resolve whatever disagreements or conflicts the team was having against him.

A very active user nominated Seraph most helpful user of the year for 2019. I would like to return the favor and help him here for all the help he had given me in deciding what to do with my life and resolving the conflicts with my parents.

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