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Norman Berger started this petition to model airplane and

The FAA has a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) document 2019-28100 that outlines proposed rules for 'drones' in the USA.

This NPRM as proposed will harm the people involved in the hobby as well as any business that supports the hobby by severely restricting use of these 'drones' and effectively limiting the places they can operate.

It seems that a number of large commercial interests expect to use drones to deliver packages and provide services with drones and are exerting a lot of pressure on the FAA to clear the skies for them to operate under the guise of 'safety of the National Air Space (NAS).'

Model airplanes have been around since the dawn of flight and have contributed to this nation's wealth and future by nurturing the next generation by getting them interested in aviation and technology. Many of our military grew up in the hobby as well as astronauts, aerospace engineers etc. The rules proposed will discourage participation in the hobby by increasing costs dramatically and limiting access. The model airplane hobby was STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) before this term was ever adopted.

This petition is organized to make our voice known to our elected representatives in Congress as well as the FAA and its management.

While many of us recently participated in an FAA call for comments on the proposed rule that is not something that gives us a loud enough voice.

Here is what we want for the future of our hobby and not what the FAA NPRM proposes:

1. The Model Airplane and Drone Hobby need to be considered independently. The model airplane hobby has operated safely under the auspices of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) for over 80 years with an exemplary record of safety and responsibility - we see no need to change this and, in fact, think the FAA has better things to do that will provide safety to the public. Rules for Model Airplanes and Drones need to reflect those disciplines vs. one size fits all.

2 FAA has proposed registration of each model airplane vs. the current situation where the operator registers once to cover all his models. Besides the cost issue this is not needed as model airplanes operate within line of sight of the operator and do not operate autonomously Many involved with the hobby have multiple models that are used occasionally and this scheme as proposed is costly, unnecessary and unworkable. Either continue registering the pilot of all his/her models or allow the AMA number that is already in existence to suffice.

3. FAA proposes allowing model operation only in designated model flying areas they refer to as FRIA's. FAA also proposes that such FRIA's can not be relocated or new ones established after an initial one year set up period. They also require registration of these sites periodically or they will be lost forever! These FRIA's are essentially the existing AMA flying sites we know today and because about 10% of them have to be relocated annually due to land or lease issues this as proposed will wind down to very few or no flying sites left - thus end of out hobby as we know it. We need to be able to move and relocate sites going forward as well as establish new sites as needed.

4. This FRIA site also would tell people that they can no longer enjoy their hobby on their own property even if that property is located in some remote place that would have no effect on the NAS. This also means that events to promote the hobby and recreation i.e. competitions will no longer be permitted outside of a FRIA, school demos will no longer be permitted etc. This is unacceptable as these activities often produce interest among our people and youth that supports innovation and technology.

5. Much of the remote ID parts of the NPRM as it relates to drones per se makes some sense as they often are cited by creating public hysteria related to privacy or public safety - most of which is just hysteria. In cases where drones will be utilized in non FRIA areas three things should be happening - a) Commercial operations should have remote ID, b) Hobby drones should be restricted to the height of nearby structures, c)Drones in class G airspace should be permitted to operate within line of sight of the operator.

We feel that the FAA has been unduly influenced by commercial interests and that as proposed the NPRM will bring our hobby to an end. The effects on hobby will unfairly be the end of approximately $1 billion to the businesses that support this hobby and all employed supporting us. The worst part of all this is that the traditional on-ramp to aviation and engineering will be killed in the process.

Given that the US deficit is at an all time high and we are running at least a $1 trillion dollar deficit today we can't see the FAA expending what it would take to enforce this overreach of government to our enjoyment of this fulfilling hobby of ours.

We have a long standing and well founded organization in the AMA that is and has been managing this process for over 80 years we want the government (FAA) to provide oversight and safety to the public vs. wasting their time and effort fixing what is not broken.




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