10 Demands for Justice and Safety in Mobile

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On February 4, 2021 the Mobile Police Department shot and killed Treyh Webster during a no-knock raid. He was only 18 years old. None of the cops were wearing body cameras. They took all the evidence of their crime - confiscating the family's security cameras, footage, and even their cellphones. They have yet to produce the warrant for their raid. To add insult to injury, they have torn apart his family's home and treated them with complete contempt.

Treyh Webster - like Edward Bittner and Michael Moore and others before them - lost his life to unaccountable killer cops.

We demand safety.
We demand justice.
We demand that the Mobile Police Department and Mobile city officials act IMMEDIATELY to:

1. Ban no-knock warrants
2. Mandate body cameras
3. Institute community-chosen police oversight
4. Publish the police procedures manual publicly
5. Pay restitution to Treyh Webster's family
6. Produce the warrant permitting the no-knock raid
7. Return the cameras and cellphones
8. Apologize to Treyh Webster's family
9. Apologize to Michael Moore's family
10. Fund youth community programs

These demands constitute the bare minimum that these victims, their families, and our larger community deserve. We deserve safety and justice - not harassment and murder - in our communities. Please spread the word and join us in this struggle for justice.