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Migration is a part of under privileged Gypsy’s (Narikurava’s) life circle for generations. We at CHHASE see the Migrants suffer in severe droughts, floods, storms, lost crops, and forced migrations – worsening poverty and hunger. Illiteracy restricts employability.   

They live under the trees, under over bridge, near bus stands and mainly in open place since they don’t have a permanent shelter.

These Gypsy’s (Narikurava’s) migrate because of poverty, homelessness, hunger, illiteracy, jobless, innocence, discrimination and many more.

They live in unhygienic conditions.  The places where they stay are such; they won’t even get water for drinking and cooking.

Gypsy peoples often remain outside any form of official government classification and are therefore denied basic services like education, health, and social security benefits.


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These mobile homes will solve their all problems and will bring prosperity in their lives.

 1. It will solve their homelessness where ever they go.

2. They can park their mobile home, where it is convenient without public nuisance.

3. They can lead a hygienic life.

4. Their medical bill (which is heavy, due frequent health problems) will be reduced totally.

5. This peaceful life will make them to send their children to school, where ever they go.


Letter to
Community health,housing and social education(CHHASE) Vincent paul
Thank you for your innovative mobile home to migrants.
If you start providing mobile home, it will definitely help homeless.
We are here to give support physically and monetarily.
Thank you for your noble work.