Give freedom of Expression back To the students of Baker high school!

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We want to give freedom of expression back to the students at Baker high school!

Allowing them to express themselves through limited amount of textiles and fabrics that was in the old school uniform policy of 2017 and 2018 allowing them to Wear their school spirit shirts any day of the week as well as any outerwear that isn’t inappropriate or provocative. Allowing the students to express themselves through fabric and textiles will make them feel more at home with their school. To many kids feel like a cog in the system and just a number they feel like they have lost their identity with the current uniform policy established on June 8, 2018 they want to express themselves the way they have before!  Many other schools throughout America have dropped uniform policies in general even our sister counties in Alabama have a drop their uniform policies,  We implore that Baker high school reinstates our old uniform policy the way it was before June 8, 2018.  A student shouldn’t be punished because of what they wear if their academic levels are at a good state, we should be welcomed into a learning environment despite how we express ourselves threw our Clothing we come to learn! Not to be harassed!