Allow backyard chickens in Moberly MO

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I am asking you to voice your support in favor of an ordinance in the city of Moberly to allow for residential chicken ownership with limitations (ex: limited in number, gender, and use).

If you would support an ordinance allowing backyard chickens in the city limits of Moberly, I ask that you sign this petition. And I urge you to join me at the next city council meeting on September 8th, 2015 (7pm) at City Hall.

Reasons for supporting this petition include:

-Many surrounding towns allow for backyard chickens (with some restrictions) including: Cairo, Salisbury, Macon, Higbee, Huntsville, Kirksville, Madison, Brookfield, Columbia, Fulton, and Springfield. Even large metropolitan areas such as Seattle, WA and many parts of St. Louis allow for the raising of backyard chickens.

There are many benefits of having chickens.

-Chickens are great composters of kitchen scraps thus resulting in less trash in our landfills. They also love crickets and other bugs that are pests in our yards.

-Chicken waste can be added to your compost pile and be used in your garden as a great fertilizer.

-Studies by Mother Earth News have demonstrated that pasture-raised eggs, from chickens given space to peck for food, are more nutritious than industry-sourced eggs, with pasture-raised eggs containing two to three times more omega-3 fatty acids and one-third the cholesterol of factory-farmed eggs. (source-

-With the recent increase in food prices, scares over food-borne illness, and a growing concern over health issues, backyard chickens can produce food that you can confidently say is healthy and untainted. (source-

-Provided that children are gentle with the chickens, Jim Dennis, owner of Phoenix-based chicken company Renta-Hen, has observed that chickens can make social and even affectionate pets. (source-

-Chickens can be a great educational tool for our children to learn about origins of food, biology, genetics, etc. Our children, through helping raise chickens, have learned how to be responsible for animals, empathetic towards them, and appreciative of biologic diversity.

-As patriotic Americans we believe that we are held accountable by our creator for responsible living without posing undue burden on our community. This should allow for us the liberty, within reason, to be able to have small gardens and subsistence livestock to provide nutritional food for our family.

Negative aspects of residential chicken ownership can be adequately managed with specific ordinance limitations as per the council and/or community preference. These could include specifying housing requirements, maintenance and care, flock size and breed/gender restrictions, commercial limitations, and containment guidelines.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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