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Rep. Hartzler, Un-Do the Mess in Washington!

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Congresswoman Hartzler, your constituents want you to Un-do the damage in Washington!

Say NO to the American Health Care Act!  You have stated in the past your support for covering those with pre-existing conditions. This bill will strip away those protections at the state level and return sick Missourians to a high risk pool with even higher premiums. Save the essential benefit coverage that allows women and new mothers the coverage they need at a fair price and provides needed health screenings for the poor people of your state.  Save Medicaid benefits by refusing caps to the program.

Say NO to proposed budget cuts!  The proposed cuts to the Department of Education, Health and Human Services and NIH could have profound affects on our future STEM programs.  Scientific and medical invention are the future of this country and cutting these programs today will lead to job loss later.  The funding cuts to programs like PBS and the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities will contribute to a reduction in needed cultural diversity in the US. The cuts to the U.S.Trade and Development Agency could lead to catastrophic reductions in new markets for Missouri farmers and business owners.

Say NO to fiscally irresponsible budget proposals!  Any request for taxpayer dollars to build a wall should be denied.  $267 Billion of taxpayer money to build a wall is an absurd request.

Say NO to ethics violations and foreign governments interfering in our elections! Take a public stand and urge formation of an Independent Special Committee on Foreign Interference with the 2016 Election.


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