Keep crown land open for residents!

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Due to the new Covid19 law about not being allowed to camp on crown land, this petition is out to try and get signatures so we can continue to use the crown land as camping grounds. TO ONTARIO RESIDENTS ONLY!!! Or local region.. 

Camping is great for the mind body and soul. You can get out of the house relax and still stay away from socializing.
Me as a dog owner and other dog owners our fur family members also deserve to still be able to enjoy the crown land as this crisis is in place.
Please don’t take away our camping rights on crown land. This is an important part of our heritage as well as hunting and fishing. 
With spring around the corner most people camp for the joy of the fresh air, peace and nature. 
Closing all crown land to eliminate camping during this crisis will only make it worse for people. 

With Ontario parks closed at this time people still need to go out and enjoy some sort of outdoor activities. The 21 day camping on crown land should never have been cancelled due to the Covid19 this will not make a difference in spreading the virus. People can still do the self isolation in the bush while camping it’s safer in the bush then in the city! So I ask Premier Doug Ford with the Ministry of Natural Resources to reconsider and allow camping on crown land!