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Let Samuel and Jonghyun join the family of squad

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Samuel is a young talented boy that who has approved by international fans and his fans. It's already his 3 times-trying to be an idol. Would you let him shine with >WANNAONE< and prove to all of KNetz that he is really-multitalented?

Jonghyun is everyone's leader. So would you let him lead the members of >WANNA ONE< and not letting Minhyun alone? Also let them be Nayoung and Pinky of >WANNA ONE< !

And with OT13 members, they would be shining together like Super Junior did to South Korea and International fans.

So, please let our international multitalented boy Samuel and our nation's leader Jonghyun join the 11 others to complete the heart of K-Pop.

Thanks and sincerely,

A 15 years old-girl.

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