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Continue to broadcast "Unpretty Rapstar" Treat women with equal rights

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The reality television program show "Unpretty Rapstar" was recently deemed inappropriate for viewers. Mnet's representative of commision stated, "This program has female rappers competing against one another for a rap contest while releasing obscene gestures and soundbites that include swear words that can clearly be recognized as obscene for a long period of time." More recently, Mnet revealed that they will not be cancelling the show "Unpretty Rapstar." Instead, the Korean Communication Standards Commission revealed "From now on, the producers [of the show] will be taking caution and paying close attention."

I am here encouraging my sisters and brothers from every ethnicity to stand together against the sexism and gender inequality produced by the entertainment business.

This argument is NOT over whether or not profanity on a family show is appropriate. The argument IS that sexist commissioners believe that females using profanity words is MORE innappropriate than males.

This argument is over the fact that spin-off program "Unpretty Rapstar" has faced immediate judgement and threat of cancellation on its first season. However, the parent-program, "Show Me the Money" has been able to continue casting and broadcasting for the past three seasons and newest 4th season, regardless of their use of obscenities. "Show Me the Money" is also a 95% male cast of contestants and judges.

The rap music industry is a male dominated field in which the female gender is grossly unrepresented. Not only are women underrepresented in this field, but women are discouraged from joining this industry under the pretence that women must maintain an image deemed "acceptable" to the male gender. The motto of unpretty rapstar is that these strong women do not need to appear or act in "cute, submissive or behaving" mannerisms in order to gain respect for their craft. This show has gained more popularity and higher ratings than "Show Me the Money" (the majority male cast) in just one pilot season. Yet, this female dominated show received an immediate threat and voting for possible cancellation while "Show Me the Money" had already begun casting for its newest season. Even outside of this particular case, nevertheless just as relevant, women in the Kpop industry are often forced to under or oversexualize their feminity for acceptance. In many cases, women in the current Korean entertainment industry are coerced into changing themselves into an item that is marketable to male consumers without the consideration of the artist herself. 

We are happy that "Unpretty Rapstar" will not be canceled. But this does NOT mean that we are not still upset that they will be keeping a closer eye on these women. We all know what it means to have a closer eye on the production of a show that is about women. The Korean Communication Standards Commission cannot continue to pass negative judgment on women asserting themselves in the business, while letting men simply pass by without any provision. We are also not happy that these beautiful female rappers who are breaking stereotypes will be further censored by a misogynist system. This show cannot continue to have the powerful impact that it already has, if it is to be further regulated by a system that was not set in place to protect the equal rights of women in the first place.

This show does not just affect Korean women who want to branch out and pursue an non-traditional career in South Korea. This affects the equality of the female gender everywhere. Injustice anywhere impacts justice everywhere.

I urge you all to sign, share and comment on this petition not only for the show, "Unpretty Rapstar" to be continued into further seasons, but also that this show is less or unregulated by Korean Communication Standards Commission (KCSC). I also urge everyone to sign this petition for the mandatory reconstructing of the Korean Communication Standards Commission (KCSC) so that the new standards are respectable to the interests of all types of women who do not wish to held down by the misogyny the KCSC is reproducing. I lastly, urge you all to sign this petition because, in addition to the changes we demand, we are all affected by this system and we demand to be issued an apology from the KCSC for the sexism our sisters in the music industry are being treated with.

If this system is not reformed now this issue will rise again and we may never have another show that is endorses female gender equality like "Unpretty Rapstar."

All feedback is welcome. Multiple language translations are welcome as well. Set your sisters free of coerced restrictions.

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