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MnDOT (Minnesota Department of Transportation): Install Cable Median Barriers on I-94 between Miles 96 & 106 this Fall

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UPDATE: 9/20/12

Great news! 7 months after the deadly tragedy, I have learned from the District 4 (Alexandria area) MnDOT Transportation Engineer, Jody Martinson that MnDOT is installing Cable Median barriers between Miles 96 and 106.  According to Jody, " The plans are complete and a contract has been awarded.  At this point, we are awaiting approval of the manufacturer's design proposal.  Depending on the manufacture time and the weather, they will be installed late this fall or next spring."  

I would like for the petition to continue, although with this news I will be changing the petition to encourage MnDOT and the manufacturer to speed up the process and install the cable barriers this fall before the winter weather occurs.  



Cable median barriers are an important part of todays modern infrastructure. It has been proven to save many lives and will help prevent future deaths on Minnesota roadways. They do have a high up-front installation cost, at an average cost of $125,000/mile according to MnDOT. The overall benefits of cable median barriers were calculated by the Federal Highway Administration to be $420,000/mile annually. With this data, we can say that the benefits out weigh the costs by more than 300 percent.

On February 20th, 2012, four innocent lives were taken from us at Mile 97 on Interstate 94 in Alexandria, Minnesota. All four girls attended school with myself at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota and were traveling back to school on a holiday weekend from the Minneapolis metro area. Their vehicle lost control in the westbound lane on I-94, then crossed and spun through the center median on a large corner of the interstate and was hit on the drivers' side by a SUV traveling westbound.

-Report by KSTP of the tragic accident.

-Report by the Mn State Patrol of the accident.

 The place of the accident is one of the largest corners of the interstate between Fargo, North Dakota and the Minneapolis metro area. At this moment the cable barriers end at Mile 114. Cable median barriers not only have research to back up the benefits but have saved so many lives worldwide. After installation of cable median barriers in Washington state, annual crossmedian fatal crashes declined from 3.00 to 0.33 fatalities per 100-million miles of vehicle travel, while annual disabling accidents went from 3.60 to 1.76. 368 deaths occurred on Minnesota roadways in 2011. I believe if not only this section of roadway but the major divided highways across the state had cable median barriers installed, overall deaths would decrease.

-Map of current cable median barriers installed on MN roadways.

-Video of vehicles hitting cable media barriers in Minnesota.

Please sign this petition to be given to MnDOT to install cable median barriers on this section of roadway before the fall and prevent future injuries and deaths in the state.


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