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Move MN deer gun seasons back

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Easy and simple way to inerest/bring more hunters, which equals more money for Minnesotas natural resources.

It's this simple, move Minnesotas shotgun/rifle seasons back 4 weeks, back till December. The MN DNR obviously have not caught on to the big numbers, and big whitetail Deer that the state of Iowa can produce, and harvest. Matter a fact Missouri is trying to pass a petition for this same reason.

People pay over 600.00$ just for the deer license, to hunt In the state of Iowa, use a quota and fill there quota, selling out every year. Minnesotas hunting needs to draw a crowd like that. That would actually be willing to pay 600$ in Minnesota to deer hunt. It will never happen if we don't change things up. We need bigger numbers and bigger deer. 

Which brings me to my closeing. Having Minnesotas current gun seasons open during the absolute peak of the rut (breeding season) is destroying our potential numbers and bigger deer. You can not put as many hunters as possable in the woods, when the deer are moving there absolute most, out of the entire year.

This is one of many reasons why the MN DNR continues to show us every year they can't manage the deer population. Which is one of the things they are in control of, and are paid to do! Not to mention CWD. Hate to get off subject, but there is absolutely NO scientific evidence since 1967, that deer can even transfer CWD to one another, or to humans for that matter. There is no facts or historic studies to ever show that CWD within a herd has ever taken over and killed a herd off from the disease. Yet they continue to encuarge special hunts to eliminate the herd to contain the disease, it's all lies. Just so they can fill government pockets with jobs and money.

They are giving us the opportunity to destroy the deer population. And we sit back and are letting it happen.




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