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Large Multinationals pls stop wasting Electricity.

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Recently, I've seen a rise in builders building huge Fancy looking buildings or even any buildings switching on their lights on all their tall tall stories, the entire night just to show their pomp and attract attention of people. It'd be just another marketing gimmic for them but imagine the light they are wasting unnecessarily. Imagine in one city at one time there may be hundreds of buildings making up to lacs of floors considering all 4 sides of a building. 

With the added amount of electricity consumed, at least 2 to 3 villages could use that electricity. 

Big houses of politicians like the mayors bunglow in Mumbai, have huge gardens with ample light posts that are lit all night! What's the use? 

Big multinational corporates office which have glass windows but still have full lights on the entire day! 

A major electricity supplier of Mumbai, also ruining many other industries in India, whose head office is in a well known western suburb touching the highway, have their lights switched on on all floors the entire night! It's not really possible that all employees would be working all night and hence tube lights are on!  

Let's sign a petition to stop this wastage of electricity as we, the common man, really slog hard to either save electricity and reduce our electricity bills. 

Looking forward to some good support in making a change or our children will soon be left with no electricity at all to waste! 

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