Suspend Rent, Mortgage, & Utility Payments During the Coronavirus Crisis

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SBA lending has been proven to be inaccessible and inequitable.  Please continue advocating for comprehensive relief that will not suffer from gatekeeping or profiteering structures.

We know federal oversight is unreliable.

Unemployment insurance is overextended administratively. Neighboring states are beginning to indicate how the system might be used to coerce essential workers and vulnerable populations. The MN system has forms that don't relate to people with multiple income systems. Paperwork and other addendums to detail these specifics will take time to process. Many people will be in limbo until the department can expand administration.

There are several programs being advanced by other nations. One example is the business rates holiday and other UK programs.

Pausing [not just delaying] mortgage and rent payments for all properties would be the most equitable way to support businesses and citizens.

Please feel free to add your personal story in the comments.

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Sarah Wolbert
1 year ago