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For the past few years, there has been multiple events that was created by MMU lecturers to force students to go during the weekend. They will either make it as an attendance for a class or marks for an assignment. This makes it compulsory for MMU students to attend an event that most of them do not enjoy. On top of that, they have been forced to spend their precious weekend time on an event that they do not enjoy. I created this petition so that no more future students will suffer the same fate as the current one had.

In the past weekend (28/7/2018) , an event called Dream Team Challenge forced student from Web Application Development subject to go to an event they don't enjoy. Wasted the whole day to hear talks that they don't care. Students could have used this time to do more productive stuff such as working on their assignment or their Final Year Project(FYP) which we know is far more important. If the student fail to attend, they will lose 10% mark of the said subject. This lead to a lot of frustration from the student as some of them have more important things to do.

Events like this should have use the same method as other Club & Society event to attract student. Make students join by their own will. Not forcing them to join as it will NOT ONLY NEVER benefit the student but will only harm them. Lets sign this petition and put a stop to an event like this. For the better future of the younger generation.