Divert Metro 4 route from 90 feet road to Eastern Express Highway

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Work of Mumbai Metro 4 line is due to start in the near future. The Metro coming from Wadala and going upto Kasarvadavali in Thane will pass through Amarmahal Junction, Tilak Nagar, Barrister Nathpai Road, Garodianagar, Ambedkar Chowk, Lakshminagar Junction, Ghatkopar Andheri Link road, LBS Road and further as per the present alignment.

We feel that the this present alignment will cause tremendous problems to thousands of residents of Garodianagar and adjoining area during construction, as Garodianagar is already facing severe problems due to ongoing work of upgradation of its sewerage line, roads and storm water drain work, which is expected to last for atleast 3 years. The metro work will add to the already fragile infrastructure and lead to chaos in the area.

Also after the metro is operational, the transit and movement of commuters will severely affect the social balance and peace of the area.

Also the Metro was originally slated to pass through the Eastern Express Highway from Amarmahal to the Ghatkopar Andheri Link road and the alignment was changed to pass through the densely populated areas as given in the preceding paragraph. This original alignment along the highway will be the best as it will only be a short distance from the present alignment and residents can easily access the stations on the highway through a couple of minutes walk. It is not a difficult thing as such and will be just as beneficial to citizens while at the same time sparing them of the subsequent problems.

Large population of Kamraj nagar, Ramabai nagar, Chheda nagar etc will not be able to use this metro line as this will be far away. If they wish to use the metro, then they have to commute by auto. Buses cannot ply as the Garodia nagar roads are narrow.

Tilak nagar and Pestom sagar people can easily get metro from Amar mahal junction.

There are many new large projects upcoming on the other side of Eastern Express Highway. These people have no direct access to train. Hence if metro 4 passes from eastern express highway then larger population will be benefited.

Secondly, cost of construction will be reduced and the speed of metro too will not be hampered due to lesser turnings by providing a straight route through Eastern Express Highway

So we hereby appeal to you to urgently consider our just demand for changing the alignment so as to pass from Amar Mahal Junction to Ghatkopar Andheri Link road via the Eastern Express Highway.