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La Vigile would like to announce the project of expanding their lifesaving facility into the province of Ontario under The Haven.  The Haven is a medically supervised treatment centre which is occupationally specific, serving the mental health and related needs of first responders and uniform personnel. 

The mission of The Haven is to provide occupational specific resources from outpatient services of Psychologists, to treatment of comorbid mental health issues of addictions, anxiety, depression, PTSD, operational stress injury on an inpatient basis.  This leading edge resource is always customized to the member’s physical, mental health and personal needs with complete confidentiality at a fraction of the cost of current resources as it is run as a not-for-profit.

Our values align with the focus on the member’s customized care making them the center of the plan.  Please take the time to read the testimonials available of those members who have had the opportunity to make La Vigile their home for a period of time. 

The project is at the beginning stages of implementation and we are currently seeking support for the need for this resource to present for government funding as well as other funding opportunities.  Please take the time to leave your electronic signature and spread the word of this very special healing oasis and help save lives!