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Bring Bayanihan Back! Exempt carpools from the number-coding system

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Bayanihan means "communal unity," a shared spirit of Filipinos working together to achieve a common goal. The goal of this campaign is to reduce the number of Filipino commuters on the road by 1,000,000 people, and to incentivize it by encouraging the MMDA to exempt private vehicles with at least four people in the vehicle from the number-coding system that bans them from the roads once a week.

There are 2.5 million registered private cars in Metro Manila. If 1 in 10 of us started a carpool and brought three friends, family members, or colleagues, to work or home, we can literally take a million commuters off the roads.

Carpooling reduces stress, because you get to hang out with friends on your drive; reduces the cars on the road, which frees up traffic, which saves you time and gets you home sooner, in one stress-free package; helps the environment by reducing our carbon footprint; and even prolongs the lives of our vehicles if we share cars and less miles. It can even help you save money if you share costs (but we currently can't because the LTFRB insists that if you do so, you'll violate the law).

Having more people carpool reduces the people needing public transportation, increasing space for many others using public transportation, and even reducing the number of vehicles on the road if we give rides to other private car owners. The MMDA can help us make this happen by exempting private cars at full capacity from the number scheme.

If you sign this petition, it means (1) You support and will participate in carpooling, either as a private car owner whose vehicle will be counted towards the number of cars participating in carpooling, or as a commuter who will commit to riding in a private carpool; and (2) You support the idea of carpool exemption from the MMDA number-coding scheme.

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