Preventing bicycle theft at the Charles Tanford Protein Centre

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Relatively soon after moving to the new Charles Tanford Protein Center, several bicycles were stolen by thieves. Recently, thefts and attempts to steal bicycles or parts of bicycles are increasing again. For this reason, steps should finally be taken to stop these attempts. The fencing of the bicycle parking space in front of the main entrance would be an effective option, as already successfully practiced at the IPB. A fencing from two sides would also be completely sufficient and cost-saving. In addition, the use of the transponder locking system in the building offers the advantage of easily controlling the access authorization to the bicycle parking spaces. Other possibilities would be conceivable and should be discussed.

This petition is intended to draw attention to the current situation and to discuss a suitable solution to the problem before further thefts are successful.
Anyone who has already lost a bike and those who care about their bike should sign this petition to show that we need a solution in the near future and that we want a discussion together with the administration of the Protein Center, Division 4 or the university.

The CTP General Meeting could serve as a good basis for discussion.