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Take Back Sanford MLK Vending for Entrepreneurial Growth!

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This Year was the 30th Annual Sanford MLK Parade and Festival. If you attended Im sure you aware that there was a lack of vending options. This is because the right to the Fort Mellon Park have been bought out exclusively by an outside Catering Company Based in Oviedo. Here are the requirements.

Non-Food Vending Fee-$300 + $50(Refundable Cleaning Fee)

Food Vending Fee-$400 + $50 (Refundable Cleaning Fee)

Plus the cost of Insurance for the Event$192.50 For 1 day  Adding 4 Additional insurers could range from $150 each additional.

Total Cost to vend.=$642.00 

I was a  participating food vendor my business is #MelloStevesPnuts a local Sanford, FL based business. Cajun Boiled Peanuts w/ Smoked Meat. Vending with the Sanford Farmers Market and Goldsboro Farmers Market Weekly. Networking with over 50 Vendors of course was I noticed that there were only 5 Vendors for a crowd of over 3K people for Sanford MLK 2017. 

I believe that the exclusivity for food vending rights options is what take away from other local community favorites. And the fee and stipulations poses a problem for any start-up or existing business to make an impact in the community let alone gain a profit.I have had conversation with MLK Committee representatives who have explained the process, However it appears that who has the money controls the vending. And that's not fair to the next person who has a dream...

I would like to thank Dr. King for the foundation he has laid in history. For us to make  a choice to use our intellect and our beliefs in a way that is effective and efficient for the betterment of our neighbor. NOT to have our voices and our imagination circumvented because of the color of our skin or the amount of money in our bank account.  

My Name is Steve Smith I'm a 28 Year old African American Entrepreneur out of Sanford,FL. I'm asking for your support in taking back our community for ALL PEOPLE to have an entrepreneurial opportunity to follow their dream by showcasing their Hobbies, Gifts, Products and Services as vendors at Sanford MLK Pararade and Festivals 2018 and continuing. Thanks for your support and look forward to change. #IHAVEADREAM


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