ALL CNUSD schools should delay opening day to the 20th

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We are so lucky to have leaders that listen to our concerns for what’s best for our students, teachers, classified staff, admin team at so many schools. While homes are not directly in danger in north Corona, Norco, and Eastvale; the air quality is terrible and ash is still falling. The 91 freeway doesn’t make a barrier. Schools within a mile or so of closed schools are required to still open tomorrow. Do those students not matter? Teachers lungs do not matter?  Teachers and support staff have families and now some must start work  while their own children do not start; who will watch them? Who decides the imaginary line in Corona that makes it safe versus unsafe? When ash is falling at your schools North of the 91 like Auggie and Rosa Parks, you know all schools are having issues within the district. Kids can be excused for health issues but who wants their child stressed because they are behind with procedures by a week. Teachers with health issues aren’t magically excused without using their own hard earned sick days; what about their health? LEUSD did right by all families within their district; giving support staff ample time to properly clean campuses in a manner that is correct, including filters. Give families in north corona, Norco, and Eastvale the same feeling of confidence that the toxic ash will be cleaned properly and not in one Sunday afternoon or a Monday morning. Please ensure custodians are following protocol on proper clean- up measures.  Please sign and keep CNUSD unified. 


Update: Trilogy is now under voluntary evacuation; which means they are in danger and there is still a fire closer to the schools you have chosen to have open. Please read the reports issued by Riverside County regarding how toxic the ash is and if not cleaned properly how unsafe it is. Think of all students, employees, and families. Do not have a Child’s asthma attack or illness on your shoulders or conscience. 


Update: As of Sunday at 5:49 nothing has been addressed by CNUSD. There have been numerous questions and concerns posted in both this petition, as well as, CNUSD FB Page.