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Blacklist Major League Gaming Until Changes Are Made

Major League Gaming: eSports mecca, gaming powerhouse, online supergiant. There are many ways to describe MLG. Easily the most recognizable gaming platform in North America. I must admit, we have been fans since we started competing in 2006. But, with recent rule changes being brought to light, the support for MLG is drawing to a conclusion from our end. Our conglomerate has the focus of the players and the gamers at heart. Global eSports Network wants to give back to the community, as do many other noble eSports brands. Any company or corporation that hampers the growth of eSports for their own personal gain should be blacklisted. MLG is starting to go down this path, and we will show you exactly why. When someone says they have a million dollar idea, MLG really means it. They plan on putting that million in their pockets!

Just as an example of their corruption. The rules for MLG Anaheim have been set as to where 8 US teams are "invited" by MLG to participate in the Anaheim Championship bracket with a prize pool of $70,000. FACT: All 8 teams are partnered with and 2 of the Top 8 US teams in the Call of Duty: Championships (World Championships) were not invited BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT PARTNERED WITH MLG.TV. They also do not have to put any of their money into the prize pool and are guaranteed to finish at least Top 10.

Amateur teams (192) are to play in a seperate pool for $10,000 after being personally responsible for putting $69,120 into the prize pools. They are literally putting up money for the "invited" pro teams that conveniently make MLG extra revenue through their partnership. Pro teams only have 9 other teams to worry about while amateurs worry about a bracket of 191 other teams. If they were to battle through the bracket and win outright, they should be entitled to the money they were responsible for putting into the prize pool at the very least. Especially when the pro teams did not pay a dime.

MLG is out for their own personal gain. They stopped caring about the community a long time ago. We will prove it by showing you just how much they are earning at Anaheim, and how little they are giving back to the community.

MLG Anaheim 2014: The Breakdown

If you are just interested in sheer numbers, this is what you want to see. If you want to see us break it down in detail, scroll down. 


MLG Estimated Earnings:                          $2,442,464     

MLG Estimated Costs(Prizes, Venue):        $303,537  (Prizes=$135,000) 

MLG Estimated Taxes                                  $154,158

MLG Estimated Profit                                  $1,984,569



MLG Earnings

Admission/Passes (calculated with the LOWEST prices for VIP and spectator passes with AVERAGE prices for team passes. Meaning that if anything, the profit margins for MLG would almost always be GREATER than listed.)


General Admission- $40 x 21,000(Estimate)attendance=            $840,000

VIP Passes- $250 x 500 (estimate, could be more or less)         $125,000

COD Team Pass-$360 x 192=                                                      $69,120

Smash Bros Pass-$65 x 1024=                                                    $66,560

Starcraft 2 Pass-$85 x 192=                                                         $16,320


Sponsors/Booths (partners may differ, $250,000 per quarter, or 1,000,000 annually is standard. Also this is the minimum number of sponsors to cover each market, and trust us. MLG has every one covered)


Major Sponsors

Scuf                                                             $125,000

Gunnar                                                         $125,000

Microsoft                                                      $125,000

SteelSeries                                                  $125,000

J!nx                                                              $125,000

Turtle Beach                                                $125,000

Benq                                                            $125,000

DxRacer                                                      $125,000


Small Sponsors

Booths- $4,000x 50 (estimate)=                                  $200,000


Stream Revenue 

(Youtube estimates $0.44 per view, we are using $0.25 as a minimal amount)

Concurrent Viewers-$0.25 x 500,000                              $125,000


Sponsor Goods                               

(Usually supplied at no cost so they can lower their monetary contribution)


BenQ- Total of $3,000 if bought. Sponsor usually supplies              $0.00

DXRacer- Total of $6,000 if bought. Sponsor usually supplies         $0.00

Microsoft- If 360 ($4,000) XB1 ($10,000) Sponsor usually supplies  $0.00

Nike- Hoodies for VIP $5,000. Sponsor usually supplies                   $0.00

Gamers bring their own headsets and controllers                             $0.00



MLG Expenses

We calculated the costs of the arena and all the rooms, and two exhibition rooms. The Arena seats 9,100 and each exhibition room holds between 9,000 to 12,000 guests, so 2 seems logical. One for sponsor booths, and one for Bravo and Charlie stages.

Arena- $13,600 per day x 3 days                                       $40,800

Exhibits- $31,000 per day x 3 days                                    $93,000

Extra Seats-$2.00 x 500=                                                    $1,000

Stage Risers-$25 x 4=                                                            $100

Casters Booth-                                                                          $50

Power Amps-                                                                           $100

Lighting- $100 per hour x 30                                                  $3,000

Crowd Control- $80 every 4 hours for 30 hours                       $600

Security- $116 every 4 hours for 30 hours                               $870

Booth Security- $110 every 4 hours for 30 hours                     $825

Box Office Attendants- $84 every 4 hours for 30 hours            $630

Sound operator $75 per hour 30 hours                                     $563

Electric Bill-                                                                              $1680

Bar Well Package-$50 per VIP x 500                                    $25,000

COD Prizes-                                                                          $80,000

Starcraft Prizes-                                                                     $40,000

Smash Bros Prizes-                                                               $15,000


Total Prizes Offered


MLG Pockets



No matter how you slice it, MLG is getting their money. Are you getting yours?

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