Please protect our school children in all Chatham Schools

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I am a devoted father with 5 children and 1 more on the way in less than 2 months. Under the current situation in our schools, there still exists the possibility for an armed shooter to gain access to our schools and that perpetrator would not be met with deadly force until police arrived moments later, which we all know is too late. While the president and the legislators and leaders from around the country try to come up with a long-term solution to the problem with school shootings, the most effective and quickest way to stop the carnage before it begins is to have armed security at the front door and at all entry points where a perpetrator could gain access to our schools. We already have retired police officers providing security at the entrances, we just need them to be armed with the tools they need to effectively now finish the solution. I have met many of them personally and they qualify regularly with their service weapons. I would feel 100% safer and my children would feel 100% safer if they knew there was a good guy with a gun to stop the bad guy with a gun, period. It is a sad situation that we find ourselves in today, but there is no price tag to place on our children's lives and we cant keep living in a false reality that this could not happen to our schools. It is happening everywhere. If a madman is hellbent on taking lives, they will find a way to do it. Having gun free school zones that advertise as shooting galleries for the mentally insane does not work and will never work. More gun control laws will not work. The immediate solution is to arm security at the front door that can shoot back at the bad guys. When the bad guys know they will get no further than the front door, there will be no fame and publicity of their name in the news for weeks, they will take no lives that day except spend the rest of their days confined in a small cell or worse, buried in a pine box, school shootings will happen no more. Please support this petition and let our school superintendent and the board of education know how you feel. Regardless of your position on the 2nd amendment and guns, this is for our children. We protect our judges, our court houses, our politicians, our banks, our stadiums and office buildings. Why do we not protect our schools and our most precious and priceless assets, our children? At the end of the day, if a bad guy tried breaking into your homes with a gun to harm you and your family, you would be calling 911 and praying for an armed police officer to get there as quickly as possible to protect you and your loved ones. We only need to arm the security that's already in place in our schools. Please help me do this so we can all tell our children not to worry about an active shooter anymore. They should be able to enjoy school and they should feel safe. Never should there ever be a situation where a teacher has to act as a human shield to protect our children and never should there ever be another school shooting. We need to do this now and we need to protect our children. Please sign this petition and tell the superintendent and the board of education to act now. The shootings must stop now!

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