Get Rid Of The Hill At The End of Hwy. 103 In Yarmouth

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As many of the people who travel regularly to Yarmouth during peak traffic times know, when you crest the hill at the end of the highway, in many cases, there are vehicles lined-up right to the top of the hill.

Of late, there have been serious accidents there, (including the multi-vehicle collision pictured above, on the morning of September 17, 2019), and for safety reasons, it should be a priority of the Government to eliminate the hill in a manner that would allow you to see straight up/down the highway for the entire +/-1km, (where the sign for the "Fisherman's Memorial Highway" is located).

This should take precedence, BEFORE there is loss of life!

NOTE: This petition is in disregard for the obvious answer; which is, to have an overpass, and off ramp(s), there to allow connection of the highways, (101 to 103), which would, in turn, increase the efficiency of traffic flow, by eliminating those who need to go through town just to connect from one highway to the next.

For now, (for safety's sake), please increase the visibility! 

We can fix the rest later. 

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

The people of Yarmouth, and Surrounding Areas!