Horrendous road conditions - inadequate. Road care

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We are experiencing Unacceptable  local (West Kelowna) and highway snow clearing and road maintenance since the company “AIM “ took over responsibilities in 2019.. Dangerous road conditions.which resulted in accidents one of which two vehicles were totalled. Fortunately there were no deaths however there was soft tissue injuries.  

Numerous community member have been in contact with the said company The company complained about the phone calls to the RCMP and the media subsequently minimizing the seriousness of  of  the community concerns.  Currently, There  has reportedly been a complaint made to the BC Minister of transportation in hopes that our communities will be service as we were prior to AIMs contract was signed with the government.

There was an article circulating that indicated “here will not be road clearance on Westside road unless an Emergency vehicle is needed to enter. “  As you are aware the population is primarily senior citizens who have medical and  therapy sessions to attend. Should an emergency vehicle be required anywhere throughout the valley it is unlikely that road cleaning would be available in time to save a life.  The seniors have been shovelling, using snow thrower, and personal ATVs in an attempt to make the roads minimally passable.