Safe road

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I’m a resident of the Salisbury Back Road, Colpitts Settlement. I’ve lived at this current location for 28yrs and all those years the Salisbury Back Road has been resurfaced 2 maybe 3 times in the 28 years I’ve lived here. Many, many times residents who live on this road has repeatedly brought the issues regarding the neglect our road and very little is being done  . We the people go to the polls to elect a representative who will look after their constituents, least of all the safety of them but we are told it’s not in the budget. What will it take for some Representative of Government have concern for it constituents. There has already been a death on this road in the past 2 years although the cause of this accident is unknown. 

        I myself have taken action in the past due to my frustration with the local government. I’ve contacted the local media twice, on road conditions and the other regarding the abundance of vegetation over taking the ditches. It was so bad that the growth was overhanging the shoulders of the road. When wildlife come out from the woods and up onto the road KNOW ONE can avoid hitting it, it’s happened to me twice. The vegetation in my opinion should be cleared 20’ from the shoulders of the road. I’ve also contacted the media about not being able to see the signage on our road. How do they expect people to navigate the road if your not able to see what’s coming up. Both of these issues have been resolved but I’m pushing the issue regarding our road. I neglected to mention that a section of the road near the power lines and Steeves Excavating has washed out numerous times and each time the repairs were not properly done.