Stop Police Brutality w/ The "DO YOU FEEL SAFE?" Act

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I am creating this petition because I want to help put an end to POLICE BRUTALITY and assist with the safety of individuals who belong to the minority.

I want to get a bill passed that is LAW, when a police officer, detective, law enforcement officer etc. approaches a person of VISIBLE MINORITY the officer MUST

  1. State the officers name and badge number (Hi, I'm officer "First & Last Name". My badge number is "Badge#".)
  2. Ask the individual "DO YOU FEEL SAFE?"
  3. Depending on the individuals response "YES" or "NO" the officer can carry on the interaction with the individual.

a) If a "YES" is claimed to the question, the officer can carry on with the interaction.

b) If a "NO" claimed the officer MUST turn on body cam (if available) and/or ask individual do they want to record the interaction from their phone/recording device. If no recording devices are present or by individuals request, the officer MUST inform the individual of OSIRIS program. (see bottom for OSIRIS program)

Also, officer must leave a company card with individuals after EVERY interaction. 

Not only can this approach help with lowering police brutality, I feel it puts a name to the face and badge of the officer for accountability. It also reflects an officers reputation (good or bad) in the community they serve through "word of mouth". Because at the end of the day, the police are here to protect and serve all communities.

(OSIRIS is a volunteer program created to help stop police brutality. If someone is pulled over and they don't feel safe. They can request a volunteer from OSIRIS be present during their interaction with police.)